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This month's journey 


Amazing Stories reenacts John Bunyan's classic novel, The Pilgrim's Progress.

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Recent News

We officially kicked off production for Season 4 two weeks ago. We're almost done with the first episode, which was written to celebrate America's Independence Day. Here's a summary for the whole season.

Get ready for Season 4, Witnesses. Take a journey back in time to the Massachusetts countryside in the 1700s, and witness the shot heard 'round the world that signaled the birth of a new nation. Meet a new character as she recounts an event that happened to her as an employee at Mr. Fallio's Funhouse. And listen as Mr. Fallio commits a crime! (Or did he...?) And join Billy as he ponders whether to witness to Vicel Vinridge! Enjoy these exciting stories in the 4th season of Around the World episodes.

Season 4 will start airing on the club on June 20.

ATW Club Ep. 6 Pilgrim's Progress Part  1 Artwork.jpg

This Month's Club Journey,

Pilgrim's Journey, Part 1

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