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Enjoy comics and audio seasons all here. Comics are a few scrolls down below the audio collections.

Season 1: A Light in the Darkness

Journey to the 1st-century Roman world, go back to the 1700s, hear a wacky story about a robot, a cop, and a villain, and solve a strange mystery with Billy and Lillia, all in this collection, A Light in the Darkness, featuring 6 exciting audio dramas.

Season 2: Finding Faith

Many of the kids in Taiden are trying to find faith in this season. Join BT and Lillia as they travel back in time to Israel to witness Elijah call on God to rain fire on an altar, and join BT as he tries to help others,....but with disastrous results. And join Lillia again as she witnesses Jesus' death and resurrection,...and later becomes a Christian. And then, start on an epic saga that will lead on for ages to come. Get ready to find faith in this season!

The Dramatic Audio Bible Album Cover.jpg

Season 3: Exciting Stories and Godly Lessons

The NIV Bible, in Dramatic Audio form.

Listen to six exciting stories in this season, each with a godly lesson. Travel back to Ancient Israel and Babylon, then Taiden-but in the 1960s! Join Billy as he tries to coordinate an Easter show for Faith Kid's Radio...with catastrophic results, and as he tries to raise money to keep the station alive.  Join BT and Lillia on more stories as they venture into exciting stories and learn godly lessons.

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Children's Radio Theater


Here, you can read all our comics. We have three categories.  Historical, Biblical,  and Historical fictional. 



Historical fictional

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