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This month's featured ministry


Open Doors

Open Doors was founded by Andrew van der Bijl (more commonly known as Brother Andrew) in 1955. He helped many Christians in Communist countries. Open Doors is an organization that helps Christians persecuted around the world by giving them Bibles, (as portrayed in the audio drama) giving them Christian literature, (like Pilgrim's Progress) supplying radios and cassette tapes, and more. It also releases a World Watch List to raise awareness in the Free World about persecuted Christians.

Visit their U.S department website



Communist flag.

Brother Andrew.jpg

Brother Andrew


Did you know that Communism still exists today as the form of government for countries like China, Cuba, and North Vietnam?

Did you know that Communism was created by Karl Marx in the 1800s?

Did you know that Communism is also known as Marxism (namesake: Karl Marx)?

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Family Talk

Can the whole family gather together and listen to Club journey 3? After the episode ends, there are some questions below to help make the story understandable.

1. Would you go on a missions trip, even if you were in danger of:
The government
The local people
or sicknesses?

2. Think about what Pastor Carleton said about the people in Akinstawa needing God's Word. Do you know someone at school or in your neighborhood that needs God's Word?

3. If you had been turned in to the government (as a Christian missionary) by someone you thought was your friend, would you forgive that person or hold a grudge against them for a long time?

Behind the Sound
with sound designer Leslie Owotoki

Leslie shows how he made some sound effects for this month's exciting adventure.

Countries you might want to pray for:

All countries are taken from Open Door's World Watch List

1. Afghanistan

2. North Korea

15. Syria

16. China

3. Somalia 

4. Libya 

5. Libya 

6. Yemen

17. Qatar

19. Vietnam

20. Egypt

See other countries at the Open Doors website listed in the Open Doors info box.

7. Nigeria

8. Pakistan

9. Iran

10. India

11. Saudi Arabia

12. Myanmar

13. Sudan

14. Iraq

Conditions in the Soviet Union were not great. Not at all. Apart from having no freedom of religion, security was not great. Communist soldiers could break into your home anytime to make sure you were not breaking the rules. Also, if you were living in an apartment, and your family wanted to move a house down the street, you had to tell the government. Isn't that crazy? And some families even had to share their apartments with other families. Usually, there were not enough bathrooms, so if you really needed to use the bathroom, and someone was in there, you would have to wait. 

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