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B.T. is Mr. Fallio's (the owner of the funhouse where the first episode's 1st scene took place.) grandson. He is a 12-year-old, sometimes arrogant boy, but he can also be a kind, helpful boy. B.T. is a Christian who attends Taiden Christian Academy, a Pre-k to 12th-grade school.


Mr. Fallio was born in Hartford, Connecticut, but his family moved to Taiden when he was little. Mr. Fallio came to know Jesus when he was 20 and from that time on has been a strong Christian. Mr. Fallio owns a food place called  Mr. Fallio's Funhouse for Kids. He works with the Taiden Missions group a missions group located in Taiden. Using the inventions in his rooms located at the back of his food shop, he tries very hard to get his customers to know Christ.

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Lillia is a sometimes nice girl who often strives to do the right thing. Lillia is a new Christian who still has lots of questions about her faith and will dig deep to find them. She attends Taiden Christian Academy and is good friends with BT and Billy.

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Pastor John Carleton hails from Dallas, Texas, and he gave his life to Jesus at a summer camp when he was ten. Years later, he was offered the job of head pastor at Taiden Community Church. John is good friends with Mr. Fallio and makes room in his schedule to run Mr. Fallio's Funhouse for Kids when Mr. Fallio is not around.

William Davens Carleton (known to his friends as Billy) is an 11-year-old Christian, who is the son of Pastor Carleton. He is good friends with BT and Lillia, and regularly visits Mr. Fallio's Funhouse. 

He can be stubborn at times, but it's usually when it comes to doing the wrong thing. Billy is a good detective and also attends Taiden Christian Academy.

Vicel Vinridge is the local town bully and runs a gang known as the Bucking Bullies, terrorizing the town's kids. His father taught him to hit people whenever they disagreed with him. In fact, his family is against everything Christian; they do not go to church, deal honestly with others, and are just downright mean. Vicel usually sticks to his pranks and meanness, but lately, his gang and he have become involved in something bigger. Listen here, and here to the episodes The Battle has Just Begun, Parts 1 and Parts 2 to hear the beginning of this exciting saga. Vicel is 16 and attends the Taiden Christian Academy High School.

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