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Our Story

Around the World is a Christian audio drama for kids whose goal is to teach kids about God in a fun and exciting way. In May,2020, Lemuel Owotoki originally created it for a homework assignment as a comic. But Lemuel's 8-year brother Leslie had God drop it in his heart for it to become an audio drama for kids to teach them about God. In the next two years, Around the World was launched and it's now the thing you're hearing today!

Picturesque Walk

The story

Around the World takes place in a small town called Taiden, located in the Massachusetts countryside. Characters, whether child or adult, have everyday problems, and solve them using Biblical principles. In this audio drama, the Bible comes Alive! The stories are introduced by Mr. Fallio, usually begin at a food funhouse owned by a him, (Mr. Fallio's funhouse for kids) and end with a short wrap-up by him. Using sound effects, voices, and music, these stories come to life in a way you will love, and understand!

Meet The Team

Lemuel Owotoki photo.JPG

Lemuel Owotoki is the director and one of the producers of Around the World.

Leslie Owotoki photo.JPG

Leslie Owotoki is the writer, one of the directors, and sound designer for Around the World.  

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