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Season 3 has just started airing on Youtube and this website!

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Join Mr. Fallio and the gang as they use Amazing Stories to showcase 4 stories of miracles from history.

Around the World Ep.13 Miracles
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Season 3 summary

Around the World S3 ARTWORK.png

Listen to six exciting stories in this season, each with a godly lesson. Travel back to Ancient Israel and Babylon, and join BT as he witnesses the rebuilding of Jerusalem's walls. Join Billy as he tries to coordinate an Easter show for Faith Kid's Radio...with catastrophic results, and as he tries to raise money to keep the station alive.  Join BT and Lillia on more stories as they venture into exciting stories and learn godly lessons.

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Around the World Club

Have access to Around the World audio dramas before anyone else for free! And also get new member-only episodes along with bonus content every month! It Starts on June 15, 2023. For more information contact: or watch our upcoming Around the World News Show. Some of the episodes of the club are in the development (writing) stage.

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